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Weight Management Program

Our weight management medications and supplements may promote weight loss by suppressing your appetite, increasing metabolism, and burning fat.

At Face It By Dr. G, we believe in sustainable weight loss. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive assessment, evaluation, and management plan. 


Face It By Dr. G Weight Management Drip

IV Hydration

IV hydration therapy is one of the fastest ways to treat dehydration quickly and replace lost electrolytes. 


Our add-on supplements and amino acids may help your body to function at optimal levels to burn more calories and fat. This results in an added advantage for your weight loss program.

Combined with diet and exercise, these supplements can aid in quickly getting you to your desired goal.


You may also experience increased energy which will help you achieve your desired waistline quickly!


Unless you are a member of the Face It By Dr. G Direct Primary Care Program, medical advice and consultations should not be substituted for the advice of your primary care team. Moreover, our medical services are not to be used for chest pain, severe headaches,  severe abdominal pain, or increasing shortness of breath.

Please call 911 for assistance. 

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