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Concierge Medical

Providing Everything You Need

A woman receiving an IV hydration drip in a medical spa

Personal Primary Care

Enjoy the convenience of having an on-call provider, and never waste time in an Urgent Care again.


At Face It By Dr. G, clients have direct access to a provider via phone, email, and virtual visits for you or your family enrolled in the personal primary care program.  

We are here to fill the gaps for you during nights and weekends with same-day and next-day appointments.

We provide clients with annual physicals, sick visits, prescription antibiotics when necessary, and refills of routine medications. Additional services include wound care, chronic care, medication management for diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, thyroid, and lab work. 

To ensure you have the best experience, we only accept a limited amount of clients.


Please inquire about our waitlist during your next visit. 

No insurance? No problem!  

The Face It By Dr. G personal primary care program follows a direct primary care (DPC) model and does not participate with insurance plans; there is a flat monthly fee for the service. In addition, we work closely with local labs and imaging centers to help you get the care you need on your time.  

While we provide care without the need for insurance, we recommend that clients continue to have medical insurance for emergencies, hospitalizations, and/or specialty care.

a woman receiving a medical service in a medical spa
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